PSA: Get a Mask!

If you’re new to 3D Printing (FDM) you probably have read conflicting information regarding if the printing process produces fumes that should be considered dangerous.

I’ve seen a lot of mentions that if you’re printing PLA then you need not worry unless you’re constantly printing as the levels aren’t of levels that could do you harm. Then there’s the opposing view that we should be very cautious. Long term effects and risks are still somewhat of an unknown.

If I were to be wrong, I’d rather be wearing a mask unnecessarily, then suffering the ill effects in my later years.

So, my message to you is: “GET A MASK!”

The mask I purchased was this one from amazon.

I will add that you need to make sure the filters you use cover the emissions from the filament you use, along with filtering any other emissions from the finishing processes you use (particles from sanding, gasses from priming and painting).

This mask takes 3m 6000 series filters and they have good information for selecting the right filter for your needs here.

I personally will be using the 6059 filters based on what I’m doing, along with forced ventilation, but do make sure you choose the right filters for your use case!

Good luck and stay safe!