Budget Friendly Audio

Iv’e just found this little wireless mic set. If you’re looking for a quick, low cost way to get close up audio when recording video using your phone, this might be a great choice for you!

Normally when asked I’d suggest the Rode Wireless Go II to people looking for a wireless mic set:

However, if you don’t need everything these have to offer but want to make a big difference in the audio you’re getting from your camera or smartphone, this set is not a bad start, and for a fraction of the price!

It’s a 2 wireless mic set by a brand called “Sjpzwcrl” (I have absolutely no idea how you’d say that!) but it’s available here.

In the box

You get 2 wireless mics, a receiver, a dual head charging cable to charger. and a small instruction leaflet.


The receiver unit is very versatile in terms of connections:

  • TRRS for compatible cameras
  • Lightning connector for older iPhones
  • USB-C for computers, Android, and newer iPhones
  • USB-C input to allow you to charge your phone whilst the

When connected to the camera or phone it doesn’t dangle via a short cable which is actually quite nice.

After turning on the transmitter and connecting it to an iPhone 15 Pro Max it was instantly recognised by the filmic app and Blackmagic camera app (but in the Blackmagic app it had to be selected in the app’s settings)


The use is pretty simple, once all connected and turned on, audio from both mics are combined and passed through the relevant ouput.

User feedback is via a single LED on each of the three devices. If there are blinking lights it either a low battery or something isn’t turned on and connected, or a confirmation of something you’ve just done.

One unusual feature is the reverb feature, I’m not sure why you’d want to add reverb to your recordings at the time of recording, but if you want to, you simply press the button that’s on the back of the transmitter 3 times.


Apart from being much cheaper than the Wireless GO II, when comparing them this does come with some compromises, most noticeably for me the Wireless Go have on mic backup recording, and support external lab mics being connected, audio quality isn’t as good but it’s very serviceable and a huge upgrade on a lot of in camera audio.